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Organic Social Reach

Starting conversations - where conversations actually happen

True success on social media can't be faked, because it's not just your content on show - it's your likes and comments too.


And buying those metrics (paid social) is no longer enough. If bespoke, built-for-social creative isn't at the heart of your strategy, those thumbs go scrolling on by...

social stories...

Social is the place hearts are won, minds are made up, and where an authentic story really matters.

Want to reach real people?

We do that. Every day.

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Filling a mobile user's screen from top to bottom, this is our most popular product and central to your social video toolkit.


These vertical (portrait) videos are built to work on every major social platform - with no key text accidentally cropped out, and no five seconds passing without viewer retention in mind.

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No one social platform is the same, so for maximum reach videos for each platform shouldn't be treated the same either.

Give your Social Short the TikTok or Reels treatment with a trends-aware Super Short!

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The Story+ Formula
Social Media Video
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The Story+ Formula

It's no good shooting a stunning video that no one actually sees.


We combine four key ingredients to reach real, engaged, excited audiences on social.

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Our team of professional videographers spend our days throwing all that film school training out of the window - shooting in portrait and capturing stories that look like real life, not the next Hollywood blockbuster.

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Stunning shots aren't even half the story. Story+ was founded by journalists with years of experience telling powerful stories that cater for specific audiences. Narrative flow on social is much more than 'beginning, middle and end' - from the right text in the right place to the perfect trending track, it's an art!

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Carefully planned

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Story+ social media videos are planned, shot, scripted and edited with shareability and discoverability in mind.


From audience behaviours to trends, hashtags and even writing a punchy post text to go with your video - we're by your side well beyond delivering the edit.

Clip from Jollibee Social Media Video, produced by Story+. Story Plus Videography.jpg



It's your story - we just help you tell it! We take time to understand your brand, brief and skillset before recommending the best ways to reach your audience. You get sign-off at every stage, and if you prefer we can even hit that scary 'publish' button for you when it's time to post!

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we don't just talk the talk...

The city's social-first news platform - Leeds+ brings uplifting video storytelling to more than four million people every month. It's creating content for our own audiences every day that makes us so confident we can reach yours, too.

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