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Your story - in the palm of their hand

Social Media Video

Your customers are on social media... your content designed to reach them?

Story+ social media videos are built from the ground up to cut through the noise - editorialising your message to create authentic narratives that are the exact opposite of an ad.


One platform, or all!

From Social Shorts to Instagram Stories


Branded animated graphics

Your logo, font, colours and house style


Professional editing

But authentic-looking!

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Want to go further?

engage and


every 5


A bespoke, branded Graphics Pack

included with your first Social Short...

Things move quickly on social... 

...Social Shorts help you keep up thanks to our seriously fast turnaround edits.  If you're promoting a week of fun, or need a social video on the day of your event - we'll make sure you're starting conversations, not joining them when they're all over!

The central solution to telling your story on social. From Facebook video to LinkedIn, Story+ Social Shorts have got you covered! 

They're our most popular product, because they're the most adaptable. Social Shorts are crafted to work on every major social platform - shot in portrait to max out on a mobile viewer's screen 'real estate', and edited to stop thumbs in their tracks!

Made for socials... ALL the socials!

The Social Short

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Bringing venue launch campaigns to TikTok...

←  96k views for Roxy Bristol

33k for Jollibee Reading ↓

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Story+ Smartphone.png

The Super Short

add to your campaign...

Your audience are social

media connoisseurs.

They know the trends, (music) tracks and tricks that set viral videos apart - some even use those tricks in making their own content.

Looking like a user is key to your video's authenticity - especially on vertical video platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels.

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The exact opposite of an ad

Story+ Super Shorts strip it right back - making your message fit seamlessly within the scroll. They embrace 'in-app' features like native graphics and trending sounds and tell your story in super shortform. It's selling without the hard sell.  

Whether you're bringing a wider campaign to TikTok, or just need a bank of trends-aware Instagram Reels to schedule for later - Super Shorts are the answer!

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Video with
a purpose...

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Green Up Arrow 2022 rounded.png

With Story+ social media videos, you're investing in so much more than a 'video for the web'. Clever shots and fancy transitions just aren't enough to tell the whole story. ​

Our content is audience-first, stylishly simple, and just like videos we make for our own Leeds+ channels, they're a piece of journalism.

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Thanks to their vertical orientation, our videos are also perfect for slicing into Instagram (or Facebook) Stories - maximising their reach.

Not confident using in-app features?

We can even build the Stories for you on your brand channels, embedding our Social Shorts and tagging partners, just like we did here for Bradford BID...

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Bradford BID Instagram Story screenshot BrickLIVE.png
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Bradford BID Instagram Story screenshot.png
Social Shorts
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In the heart of

Leeds city centre

Pop in and see us on Greek Street in central Leeds, or drop us a line!

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